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The Leadership Pilgrimage - Time Killed Has No Resurrection!

“When you kill time, remember that it has no resurrection!”

When we are busy, we feel like we are accomplishing something — we feel important! But, are we doing the right things, the things that lead to a purposeful end? Or are we “killing” time? Could we spend our time doing more productive, impactful things?

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The Leadership Pilgrimage - Leadership & Alice in Wonderland

Like Alice in Wonderland, we often are just heading somewhere without knowing, or worse yet, not even caring where we are going.

Sometimes it feels as if we are just “wandering” back and forth, or are pushed and pulled from one set of obligations and commitments to another without feeling that we are in control of our final destination! We, like Alice, are just heading “SOMEWHERE,” and while it’s true we will certainly get there, sadly, it is not the best way to realize our full potential.

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