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Magnify Yourself Out of the Box
Magnify - verb. to make great or greater; to enlarge; to augment; to exalt.
— Webster

Magnifying the potential of managers and organizations is our passion.

Founded in 2005 by James Gehrke with the goal of "magnifying" the potential of individuals, teams and organizations, Magnify Leadership & Development has developed, facilitated and coached dozens of leadership and organizational effectiveness workshops for dozens of organizations in over 55 countries.

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The Leadership Pilgrimage

We view leadership as a sacred journey, a type of inner "pilgrimage" of self-discovery

In the past, pilgrims believed that through the sacrifice of their journey they would achieve enlightenment  by seeking the answers to life's BIG questions. Leadership is also a journey of self-discovery, where leaders seek answers to the BIG leadership questions to create meaningful personal, team and organizational legacies: What is leadership? What is my purpose as a leader? Why should others follow me? 


Know Thyself

Values are where you begin your Leadership Pilgrimage. They become the anchors that keep you steady in times of difficulty and trouble. Knowing yourself helps you achieve a legacy you will be proud of. 

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Pilgrims travel with laser-like focus to achieve their objective. They focus on both a physical location on the globe and an internal place in their heart, mind and soul! Leadership Pilgrims must also identify and create a clear vision of potential legacy anchored by core values and driven by passion. 



The pilgrim's journey was not an easy one. Sacrifice, pain and suffering were integral elements of a pilgrimage. Pilgrims encountered physical, mental and spiritual obstacles all along their journey. A meaningful Leadership Legacy is not achieved easily. Leadership Pilgrims must struggle and persevere in times of difficulty to overcome obstacles in achieving their Aspirational Leadership Legacy.

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The scallop shell has marked the pilgrims' way on the Camino de Santiago for centuries. The shell's many grooves converge at one point on the shell representing the many different paths and lives of myriad pilgrims converging on one point and purpose. Leadership Pilgrims must also motivate and inspire others to join us in creating a Leadership Legacy.  

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Leadership Pilgrims must maximize the full potential of themselves and the individuals, teams and organizations they serve.

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Our Learning Solutions

Our learning solutions are activity-based to encourage “learning by doing.” We use case studies, roll plays, video taping, 360 feedback, surveys and adult learning principles to engage learners in a fun and interactive process that helps them discover their own strengths and opportunities to maximize effectiveness back on the job.

Effective training should not be seen as a one time event. Because of this, we provide ongoing one-on-one or group coaching to ensure that leaders can better implement training concepts back on the job.


Leadership Pilgrimage Workshops

Attend a one or two-day Leadership Pilgrimage workshop to expand your impact as a leader. Workshops are available as on-site events at your location, a public workshops in your area, or on-site at historical pilgrimage sites in the US, Spain or Greece! Attendees walk away with an action plan to improve individual, team and organizational excellence.  


Leadership Pilgrimage Coaching

Leadership coaching provides individuals an inward journey to evaluate the results they are achieving and the legacy they are creating. Coaching helps individuals and groups discover within themselves the key traits that will make them more valuable to the organizations where they work and serve. We use Everything DiSC, 360 evaluations, activities & assignments to guide participants on a personal "pilgrimage" of self-improvement. 



Key Note SpeecH

Bring the Leadership Pilgrimage to your large-group event or conference. We will work with you to turn your meeting into a hands-on, engaging and interactive journey. Your attendees will walk away with new insights to their role as leaders through a journey of self-discovery, where leaders seek answers to the BIG leadership questions to create meaningful personal, team and organizational legacies.

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Facilitator - Speaker - Leadership Coach - Learning Strategist - Author

James Gehrke, MS


Magnifying the potential of managers and organizations is James Gehrke's mission & passion. As the founder of a leadership effectiveness development organization, he has developed leadership training solutions for both large & small organizations addressing dozens of topics. James has worked with organizations in 55+ countries on five continents. His goal is to magnify the leadership potential of every individual, team & organization through leadership/team workshops & individual/team coaching. His extensive international experience working for some of the world’s leading organizations, living and working for seven years in the EU for the Pharmaceutical industry, and working on a vast collection of projects. 

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Conference Presentations & Workshop


Leadership Development

  • Magnify Change Leadership: A Practical Guide for Leading Teams in Times of Change – Wasatch Summit Publishing, LLC
  • Personal Legacy “Pilgrimage:” The Way to Personal, Team & Organizational Effectiveness Workshops
  • Magnify Change Leadership Workshops
  • Strategic Leadership – JBHunt
  • Team Effectiveness Alignment Process – Hutchinson Body Sealing Systems
  • Team Values Summits - JBS
  • First Line Management Development Courses – Sinclair
  • Time Management – US Bank
  • Time to Productivity (study of on-boarding and leadership training effectiveness) – Taco Bell
  • Organizational effectiveness analysis - Pfizer Venezuela
  • Leadership Development – Pfizer Korea
  • Hallmarks of Coaching Excellence – Optimer
  • Facilitation Skills – Bayer Diabetes Care
  • Executive Administrators’ Training – Roche
  • Managing Change – Roche
  • Leadership & Coaching Workshop – Roche
  • Analysis/Creation of Leadership Curriculum – Astellas
  • Volunteer Leadership – Community Churches

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Advisory Selling Skills & Coaching - Lely
  • Key Account Management - AbbVie, Bayer Diabetes, Pfizer Korea, Fleming Gulf
  • Development of Selling Model and Training – Janssen, Sanofi, Raptor, Dendreon, Pfizer & others
  • Analysis of International On-Boarding (Sales Organization) Curriculum – Merck
  • Marketing Excellence Summit – Novo Nordisk
  • Pharma Regional Manager Sales Effectiveness & Coaching Excellence – Mundi Pharma
  • Launch Workshops – Bayer, Novartis, Alpharma, Astellas
  • Anesthesia Excellence Workshop – Organon
  • Strategic Account Selling Workshops – Forest
  • Field Coaching Guide – Forest
  • Selling with Empathy – Disitronic
  • National Sales Meeting / Year Beginning Meeting Workshops – Aptalis. PharmaDerm & Novartis
  • Tactical Business Planning – Schering Plough
  • Selling in the VA System – Dendreon
  • Working Styles – Roche
  • Probing and Listening Skills – Raptor
  • Effective Communication Skills – Bayer Diabetes Care

Director Team Leader

Pfizer World Wide Learning and Development

Europe, Africa & Middle East

Madrid, Spain 1998 -2015




MS, Organizational Development

Minneapolis, MN

U of U.png

BA, Organizational Communications

Salt Lake City, Utah


Internship, Hinckley Institute of Politics

Washington D.C.


Certificate Spanish Language and Culture

Salamanca, Spain

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