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Win the Performance Tug of War!

Like a tug of war, productivity during change can be affected positively and negatively by restraining forces and driving forces respectively. Productivity can reach a state of equilibrium between these two opposing forces.  However, this balance can be punctuated by a disturbance in one or both of the opposing forces.  Therefore, at any given time, the productivity can go up or down depending on the strength or weakness of either the restraining or driving forces.  This view of change and transformation is known as punctuated equilibrium.

A Modern "Inward Pilgrimage"

Sadly, we are often so distracted by constant change and daily pressures that we never stop and reflect upon our own uniqueness as individuals. In the middle ages, pilgrims believed that through the sacrifice of completing a pilgrimage to distant lands they would achieve new levels of understanding and enlightenment. To achieve our full potential, we must embark on an "inward pilgrimage" of personal development and mastery.   
In the summer of 2009, on my first day retracing the 500+ mile medieval pilgrims' route across northern Spain, I stood on a bridge that spanned both a small river and more than ten centuries of "pilgrimage" history that today is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

New Year’s Resolutions & Your Personal Leadership “Pilgrimage”

For most of us, the New Year is a time for setting goals; when we look forward with anticipation to conquering past obstacles; bridling bad habits; mastering our actions; and achieving new heights in personal and organizational performance! 
While the New Year is a great time for goal setting; if you are like me; all too often, the excitement and determination for achieving our goals is not sustained very long past Jan 1; after which we unfortunately, all too easily, slip back into old habits, once day-to-day routines distract us from achieving our resolutions.

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Win the Performance Tug of War!
A Modern "Inward Pilgrimage"
New Year’s Resolutions & Your Personal Leadership “Pilgrimage”


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