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"If you seek a passionate, knowledgeable training professional with global experience to be a valuable addition to your team or project, I would highly recommend James. Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with James and was immediately impressed with his ability to establish instant credibility with the client team. This ability comes as a result of his consultative and personable approach, and is built upon the foundation of his extensive learning and development experience."
Frank Urso, Business Development Director, BI - USA
"James is an excellent instructor and facilitator. He has an outstanding ability to leverage his extensive business experience and global perspective to train and develop managers at various levels. We have worked together on multiple engagements over the past few years for major corporate clients, and have achieved the highest levels of client satisfaction."
Joe Leah, Principal, IMS Learning Solutions and Change Management - Americas
"James has displayed a unique ability to engage a large audience of over 100 senior professionals. He was able to challenge their thinking by immersing the audience in creative teamwork exercises that got important points across in a memorable, thought provoking way.”
Phillippe Latapie, Managing Director, StratX International - USA
“I worked with James on key leadership and development projects. Understanding client's is his second nature. Offers pragmatic solutions. Very experienced, highly professional and personally engaging.”
Suzanne Wood, HR Director, Pfizer Limited - UK
“James is an outstanding worker and leader that is always connected to the business. He has the ability to connect to anyone he works with or for. I recommend James.”
Everet Cunningham, Area VP Arthritis, Pain and Metabolicales, Pfizer - USA
“I have worked with James on a number of international projects. Each time James' pragmatic, no-nonsense approach has added significant value to the program. James does not shy away from challenging conversations during a programme and will work hard to ensure all those attending the workshop are in the best frame of mind to gain maximum benefit from the programme. Overall a great Coach and Facilitator that works hard to add value to the delegates and also to the key stakeholder within the business.”
Bob Pearce, Head of Leadership Development, AS Watson - Europe 
“James was a very good support in T&D issues for me and my team when he was T&D manager in Europe. He has a very good and deep knowledge about T&D strategies and programs and how to be used in business organizations. He believes in "the power of people" for the organitations.”
Rosa Eiroa, Sales Training Manager, Pfizer SA - Spain
"I remember James very well from the period when he was a Head of World Wide Learning and Development group in Pfizer. He is one of the most open minded managers I ever met. He combines very well structured approach to training and management tasks with genial approach to people. Although being a Head of Global Learning and Development structure in Pfizer, he was always ready to give direct and personal support to us – trainers and managers from different countries, all over the world. Thank you James for your professional expertise and advice!"
Jacek Kopec
Partner at aktywneszkolenia
"James is a collaborative partner with a great deal of expertise in global cultures and implications when creating a concept and taking it through to implementation. James worked with myself and a Global team in the concept-implementation stages of a Global Learning Curriculum initiative. His contributions were specifically in managing the process by which the team created the concept and formulated an implementation plan. In this role, James provided timely insight and coaching on how to account for Global nuances and cultural considerations. In addition, he facilitated team meetings and presentations to management teams on the agreement to our concept and the considerations & support required to implement these concepts in a timely, effective manner. I truly valued and appreciated the partnership with James and the opportunity to have him as part of a high performing team that executed an initiative that was the first of many that would follow. We broke new ground for our organization and today are still seeing the implications of this work on other Global learning curriculum initiatives."
Jennifer Iannetta, Strategic Planner and Innovation Leader, Merck - International 
“James has worked with us in several capacities. We had formed a relationship many years before we began requesting his time and services in working with our clients and as a result, we have had great success in partnering with James. James brings expert knowledge and experience to our field and our clients and has the ability to work in a very flexible way. James is very organized and is excellent at keeping track of events and actions that lead to achieving the project expectations and goals. I have experienced first hand the manner in which James can provide a variety of quality skills and services in leadership development and program delivery services. James is very easy to work with and is also eager to continue to improve his own abilities to better meet the needs of his clients and partners. I highly recommend James as a leadership development consultant.”
Matt Fankhauser, Midwest Region Manager, CMOE - USA
"James is a great professional who has a strong passion to help people develop. He was always willing to share his knowledge, ideas and valuable thoughts in various aspects of learning and development. James is a role model and I have learned a great deal from James.
James is a well-respected senior leader and colleague who managed his team effectively with a good balance of empowerment and mentoring. He has successfully led his EUCANAfME team to implement numerous people development solutions in the areas of leadership and field force development. These initiatives have become ‘Best Practices’ which were shared across Asia Pacific region. I truly believe that his expertise, holistic views and in-depth knowledge in ‘learning and development’ particularly in the field of leadership development, field force effectiveness and coaching will be invaluable to anyone who partners with him."
Claudia Chen, Director World Wide Learning and Development, Pfizer - Asia