Magnify Leadership and Development - Magnify: "To make great or greater; to enlarge; to exalt"
Our Clients
Magnify Leadership and Development, LLC has partnered with organizations all over the world to raise performance of individuals and teams.  Our clients include:
Advantis                   Alcon                                Alpharma              
AMAG                        Aptalis                                Astellas          Bayer HealthCare           Cargil
CMOE                         Delphi                                  Disetronic                   
Forest                         Foundation Coal              Genentech                          Heel                             IMS                                       Intervet                              
JCI                                King                                     Lundbeck                          
Magna Towers Perin
Merck                         Novartis                             Novo Nordisk
Nycomed                  Organon                             Pfizer
PharmaDerm           Roche 
                                                                    US Steel
United Healthcare                                                                    Nycomed                                           Salvoy
                                         US Bank
Polaris Labs
Our vision is that our efforts will help to "magnify" the natural ability that exists in individuals, helping them to maximize their full potential and increase their value as leaders and professionals in the organizations were they work and serve.  We provide value to our clients around the world by offering them customized training solutions and developing a global network of subject matter experts, trainers and coaches.  We provide a stellar training experience tailored to our clients' needs, providing lasting value to their organizations and improving their bottom line.