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Magnify Change Leadership:
A Practical Guide for Leading Teams in Times of Change
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Magnify Change Leadership:  A Practical Guide for Leading Teams in Times of Change
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Magnify Change Leadership is an invaluable resource for any manager who is at the forefront of implementing change.  It contains practical advice and provides over 30 concrete tools, forms and activities which can be used to improve team productivity in times of change!  
Readers will:
  • Build self-awareness of their key strengths and growth opportunities for leading their teams in times of change.
  •  Identify choices and options for improving leadership in times of change.
  •  Create an action plan and strategy to implement change more effectively in their organization.
  • Learn key skills, competencies and behaviors that research has shown increases team effectiveness in times of change.
  • Improve their ability to understand and meet the needs of their team members.
  • Improve their image and reputation in the eyes of team members and the larger organization.
  • Benefit from the replicable forms and activities included with the CD. 
  • Improve their team's effectiveness during times of change.